As of the 1.2 update, there is now a Dressing Room, accessed by clicking the icon with hat and glasses along the top banner, where you can use coins and diamonds to purchase funny hats and head accessories for your cows! The 1.3 updated added seven more accessories to the dressing room.

Unlike the Cow Shop, the prices of accessories are fixed, and do not change when you purchase more. Each type of cow can be allocated a different accessory leading to even weirder and wackier looking mootations. If you reset the universe, the dressing room settings remain, so your cows will still be wearing their hats!

Note: It is not possible to customise any of the Ultimate Beings in the Dressing Room.

Cost of AccessoriesEdit

Accessory Cost Currency Accessory Cost Currency
Hat22 20,000 Coin Hat23 1 Diamond
Hat21 50,000 Coin Hat24 3 Diamond
Hat25 50,000 Coin Hat20 5 Diamond
Hat18 500,000 Coin Hat19 5 Diamond
Hat15 5.0 Mi Coin Hat17 8 Diamond
Hat14 40.0 Mi Coin Hat16 8 Diamond
Hat13 300.0 Mi Coin Hat9 6 Diamond
Hat27 300.0 Mi Coin Hat7 6 Diamond
Hat11 500.0 Mi Coin Hat26 8 Diamond
Hat10 1.0 Bi Coin Hat12 8 Diamond
Hat8 1.5 Bi Coin Hat5 8 Diamond
Hat6 2.0 Bi Coin Hat4 15 Diamond
Hat3 3.0 Bi Coin Hat29 15 Diamond
Hat2 3.0 Bi Coin Hat1 20 Diamond
Hat28 10.0 Bi Coin Hat30 30 Diamond

Gallery of Dressing Room and in-game screenshotsEdit