The Moopedia is the in-game encyclopedia that contains image, size and description about all cows. Entries must be unlocked and are not deleted when the game is good. It was preinstalled on Cow Evolution.

Farm Baby CowAdult CowMootantHypercowMamoothAlpacow
Land BoveyeEnormoosCowzillaMoosaLongcowDairy Daisy
World BetsyUddraTriangusCowtipedeMoorielBahamoot
Universe Cowroboros | Cowtlas | Divinitits | Mooximus | Prismoo | Cowseer

Note: It is only possible to receive one type of Universe tier cow per iteration of the game. The type of cow you receive is determined by luck. In order to receive another type of universe cow, you must recreate the universe (restart the game). You cannot have multiple universe cows at once (it's very obvious that you cannot have two Cowroboros, Cowtlas, Divinitits, Cowseer, Mooximus or Prismoo cows at once).

Mars Land Alien CowEvolved Alien CowMartianoosCowladySentrimoosAlfoos
Mars World BullyStinkzoidTwinnieMoorpheusCownnectisApocowlypse
Pluto Land CubicowMilkow Origamoo Mooleficent Cowboom Ugly Mooly
Pluto World Miny MoooPolycow Cow-a-BungaStepludder GelamoosPsycowdelicu'z

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Moopedia" is a pun on "moo" and "encyclopedia".
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