The Universe is the fourth and final area of the Cow Evolution Game. In this area you can obtain Six Ultimate Beings Shown down here: 


Cowroboros.png Divinitits.png

Cow ser.pngMooximus.png Prismoo.png

  • Cowseer wasn't avaliable in the first version of the game, but was brought by the update.

You can only have one Ultimate being each time, and the game tells you that you can increase the level of this cow, by combining more of the lower cows.

Holy cow.png

Once the Cow has reached level 4 clicks to restart the Universe is selectable, so you can find the other Ultimate cows. You lose your current coins and all your cows. You keep all your diamond, upgrades (tractor, crates), and consumes. The coin bonus is cumoolative.

Restart warning 1.2.png

This area has the same background for each recreation - a dark blue background with twinkling stars and the occasional shooting star in place of cow poop.

Universe BG.png Universe BG2.png

After creating an ultimate being, every time you combine two Bahamoots it will level up by 1. when it reaches level 4 you can recreate the universe. The ultimate being's poop value increases every level (e.g:level 1-1 million coins, level 2 2 million coins and so on until level 4).

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